Monday, February 23, 2009

My Valentine's Day Brunch

As I was putzing around in my mom's storage closet a few weeks ago, I found a cache of holiday decor in the back corner still wrapped up from my parents' move a couple of years ago. As I sorted through it all, it was as if St. Valentine himself was asking me to throw a shindig in his behalf. So I sent out a handful of invitations to some of our close marrieds, ironed a few tablecloths, and washed a ton of dishes and this what it looked like when I finished. We had a lot of fun, and who knows, maybe it will be our first unique family tradition.

Menu: spinach/bacon quiche, salad with homemade almond balsamic vinagrette, vanilla yogurt parfaits with blueberries and marionberries, raspberry muffins, and orange juice/Kool-Aid/ginger ale punch and hot chocolate

Tyler and Kim
Ok we look so dorky, but I thought Joshua needed to look festive, and Isaac thought if he didn't put on a red shirt, I would be angry with him, so we just look perfectly cheery here.
Alyssa and Russ
Michael and Karina
The spread

Wayne, his baby Keena, and Isaac
The table

Stephanie Taylor

I'm always amazed at how common my name is--a generic first AND last name. When I get my hair cut, I'm one of 2 Stephanie Taylor's in the computer. When I bought theater tickets a couple of weeks ago, I was one of 4 Stephanie Taylor's that have bought tickets to that particular play house before. So when I saw this gadget on a friend's blog, I just had to know. And funny thing was... for once I had wished that there were more. I thought the number was little low.
LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Weird story: Isaac and I went back to the jewelery store where we bought our wedding rings to get a free cleaning. In the interim between our initial purchase and our cleaning, another Isaac and Stephanie Taylor purchased their wedding rings there too. Annoying for us, the salesman kept trying to merge our accounts, convinced that there couldn't possibly be two couples with the exact same name buying rings from the same store. It had to be a double entry, he said. I can't remember the salesmans name but I'm betting it wasn't anything like Matt Smith or John Brown or else he would have been more believing. P.S. Our evil twins currently reside in Spanish Fork.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Joshua


We've been TRYING to wake up earlier nowadays because...DUH... we feel better when we go to bed and wake up earlier AND get 8 hours of sleep. We're just figuring this out. Anyhoo, these are some pictures Isaac snapped from the back of our house.

Super Bowl Party

We had Tai, Andre, and Asia over to watch the Super Bowl. It was fun, and we ate lots of snacks--cheese dip, little smokies, cupcakes and all. Notice the Tums on the side table. Now thanks to Isaac, I love watching football now that I understand it all :) Too bad Utah doesn't have a pro team we can root for.