Thursday, September 24, 2009


I always thought it was gross when my sisters would drink after their toddlers or finish things that had already been semi-slobbered on. It doesn't even phase me now that I have my own slobbery, snot-nosed kid though. The other day I was sitting on the floor eating an apple and he decided that we should share. How could I turn this face down?

Love those buns

This is how Joshua prefers to roam around now.

3 Years

Isaac turned the big 2-7 recently. Here's a picture of him with his cake. (Those are not my man hands by the way.) I wanted to post this picture from our anniversary a couple of months ago. We seldom take any pictures together. We've been married for 3 whole years now! Whew time flies.

Camping at Manresa

I never posted these pictures of our camping trip back from August. Joshua and I went camping with Isaac's family at the beach for a whole week. It was so much fun! I got totally fried, and Joshua got a little rosy too. We played at the beach every day and went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk one night too. Isaac wasn't able to vacay with us because he was on a business trip the same week so that's why he's not in any of our pictures.

I was so proud of myself because I set up the whole tent on my own. So I had to take a picture to show Isaac.
Week-long babysitters :) Shea and Trevor
Joshua loved eating the sand

Carosel at the boardwalk. Joshua was unsure the whole time. And this picture doesn't do my suburn and aloe justice.

THe best rollercoaster there

Uncle Brooks and Joshua and one of the several carnival prizes Trevor won