Saturday, August 15, 2009

Canoe Trip

Every year just before the 4th of July Isaac's aunt and uncle take everyone on a canoe trip that they've been doing for 20 years. Everyone packs a picnic dinner and blankets, and we borrow the stake's canoes. We canoe across the lake to the same spot every year, unpack our blankets, and eat our dinner. Then we sit around and talk until it gets dark. We go at night because Isaac's uncle is an astrologer extraordinare, and he uses his laser pointer to point out all of the constellations. I never know what he's talking about but I still think it's fun. Isaac's mom always brings glow sticks so we can take our famous glow stick picture and that way we can see where everyone is when we canoe back since it's pitch black. I've been twice now, and it's a lot of fun. My pictures are really lame though because it was so dark that the flash hurt everyone's eyes so no one wanted to look and because I couldn't see what I was taking pictures of. I just knew there were people there because of the glow sticks. But these are for posterity! Oh, and it was more fun because Joshua got to stay with a babysitter.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Bigger

I'm skipping a couple of events that I'll have to come back to since those pictures are on Isaac's computer. But here are some pictures I took of Joshua yesterday. I got some bins down out of the closet to put away some clothes he's grown out of, and I ended up leaving the bins out all day because they are all he wanted to play on. He's really good at standing up now, and I've attached one video of how fast he's crawling. Hopefully he'll walk soon! These pictures and videos make him look surprisingly happy when in reality most of the day he was whining and had a fever. The pictures of him standing up against me are what Isaac calls his 'ugly faces'--I think they're funny. You can see his four bottom teeth though!