Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Witches Night Out

This Friday night my mom, sister, grandma, aunts, and I are all going to Witches Night Out up in West Jordan. It's at Gardner Village which I've never been to, but supposedly it's a pretty fun place. It's a mini town of crafty shops, and, of course, now they are decked out for Halloween--my second favorite holiday. Awesome times two--this weekend is their annual Witches Night Out for ladies 18 and up. Everyone is supposed to come dressed up--pointy hat and all--to shop around with all of the outrageous witches they'll have there. There's going to be music, scary stories, and fortune too! Every night this month they've had a dinner show there called Witch-a-Palooza so we're going to that too while we're in the neighborhood :) It's basically going to be awesome. I want to eat pumpkin fudge, carmel apples, and cinnamon glazed pecans until I barf. Here's an awesome picture of one of the witches that will be walking around.

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Charlene said...

ugh... so jealous! That will be tons of fun! Make sure to take lots of pictures so I can see how great everyone looks.