Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

These are the essentials to my having a happy Thanksgiving.

1) The savory cheese ball hors d’oeuvre, anticipatory of the feast.

2) Moist turkey

3) Ample cranberry relish atop my turkey, but only if it's my mom's... and if it isn't then I may not eat it.

4) Creamy mashed potatoes accompanied by little or no gravy

5) Sweet potatoes--no marshmellows, yes brown-sugary heaven topping

6) Green bean casserole. This may be my single favorite part.

7) Stuffing. Stuffing with sauteed apples, celery, and onion mixed in.

8) A fat piece of pumpkin pie with real whipping cream.

These are the reasons why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday :)

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