Monday, June 2, 2008


After much debate, we finally decided on a baby name. I was rooting for Eli or Oliver, but my arguments were to no avail. I finally realized I wasn't ever going to convince Isaac of the awesome-ness of those names. His one and only name preference has always been Joshua, and since I'm not incredibley opposed to it as Isaac is with my name choices, we're just going to go with Joshua. If it had just been because he liked the name, I don't know if I would have been so obliging. But since he likes it, despite it's popularity, due to the Biblical figure, it's noble cause enough to use the name.

Joshua- Hebrew: The Lord is my salvation; In the Old Testament, Joshua led his army in the conquest of Jericho and eventually all of Canaan.

I think we'll use a family name for the middle name. Here are our choices. Which do you like best?
Joshua Isaac or Joshua Curtis or Joshua Lee


Anonymous said...

I like Joshua Curtis...

Jen said...

LOVE the name Joshua. We didn't use it because it's kind of a tongue-twister with our last name. My vote is definitely Joshua Lee. :) love ya lots