Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going back, back

to Cali, Cali!

So here we are--two weeks into our new move. It's been hectic and crazy and at the same time anti-climatic and uneventful. The drive out here took forever! It was 12 hours in two cars. We had too much stuff and the U-haul we rented was too small so we ended up having to pack the Focus all the way to the top which meant fortunately for me (unfortunately for Joshua and Isaac) I got to drive by myself. So yes it was a long way to drive alone, but at the same time, I really enjoyed the peace and quiet. Luckily Brooks and AmyAnn let us crash at their place so we didn't have to drive and move all our stuff in all in one day. When we got here Joshua was a mess with having slept a lot in the car and then with the time change though. He pretty much didn't sleep that first night. So he was a grumpy pants the whole next day (and pretty much every day since we've been here.) Last week, we were in no rush to unpack because Isaac didn't have to start work for a week so we took our time moving in. And now we're just hanging out--Joshua and me that is. I'm so used to having my mom and Isaac around all the time; I never realized how quiet the day can be when it's just Joshua and me. I talk to him a lot more than I have in the past and so I think that's good but sometimes I just feel like a crazy person. Like when I ask his opinion at the grocery store or when I give him a 5 minute heads-up at the park. But at least I use the mom-talking-to-baby voice. Because if I didn't, it would just look like I'm talking to myself like those people who use bluetooths (teeth??).

Streaming live from Elk Grove, Ca.

PS Baby Update: Joshua is a proficient army crawler who enjoys flicking door stoppers, sucking on cell phones, and grabbing everyone's hair, even his own. He's had a bad cold this last week though so that's been sad, but he's doing better now. I'll post pictures soon. After I take some.


Taryn Hannemann Harris said...

Ok! So I got so excited when I read your title "Going back, back" because I always say that! And also because I also live in California and then I read your blog and got even more excited because I would love to meet your cute little boy and give you a big hug..and then I saw Elk Grove, Ca. That is like 5 or 6 hours away from me!! I live in Santa Clarita and Valencia area which is right where Magic Mountain is! Which is very far from you! Sad! If you ever come out here please call me! 661-304-7446! Hope all is well


Merry Brooke said...

I miss you so much!! I'm glad y'all are getting settled in though. And I think that's great that you talk to Joshua...hahaha.