Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Harry Who?

So ever since the first Harry Potter book came out like 8 years ago, I have been so against reading the books. I didn't want to give in to a book that was consuming the lusts of millions of Americans. I think I've been a little mad at JK Rowlings and the readers for being in engaged so fully in a book that doesn't seem to have any merit. If JK Rowlings ever met me I wouldn't want her to have the satisfaction of knowing that I read her meaningless series. All it is is a good story. It's like "The DaVinci Code"--not well written, but an engaging story. That bothers me. If you are going to be a famous author you should be a good writer, not just a good story teller. Ugh. Irks me. And it was easy for her to write the story because she could make everything up--it's a fantasy book so you don't have to have plausible solutions, just magic. Anyway, I envy your billion dollars, JK. Round of applause. I must be weird though because it's only now after the whole thing is over that I have an inkling to read the series. Now that there isn't so much hype. I'm number 6 on the waiting list at the Provo public library for book one. Ugh.


Charlene said...

My favorite thing about this whole post is the picture of an adut dressed up like Harry Potter. I am just waiting for the day for you to say I really LOVE the harry Potter series.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to make heinous remarks about books and an author who's work you haven't read. Call me biased, but I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised with the writing as well as the meaning in the books.

Stephanie said...

Biased anonymous,

Expect more heinous remarks. It's my nature and my blog. But (deep breath) I'm sure I will be pleasantly surprised.

Amy said... do you know it's not well written? You've never read it. :)