Thursday, October 30, 2008

Falling Asleep

Josh is really spoiled. He has three people that are always wanting to hold him and love on him. Two of those people are home with him all day. So last week when my mom went out of town, Josh and I were both in for a rude awakening. I could not lay him down while he was awake without having him scream. One afternoon when he finally started falling asleep on his own, it was so monumental I decided to document it.


Getting sleepy... Just close your eyes already, Joshua!! (Note the flash is turned off now as to not disturb a good thing.)
Asleep... finally...!


Kayti said...

i am so happy that you are blogging. dang that kid is cute stephanie and i am very glad that you were able to finally get some well deserved rest.

Jen said...

cute boy!! :) ps - whose ear is that in your profile picture? :) ha ha

Aaron + Kayti said...

we went to the game on saturday and when they announced all the seniors and finally called off Isacc's name i cheered real real loud. but then i could stop thinking about you; how the baby was, how football was going for your hubby, how life in general is going for you?

i hope that all is well with you and the new little fam :)