Friday, September 14, 2007

Beautiful Friday

This morning was a rare beauty. I had to get to school early for a short appointment with a professor at 9am, and my class didn't start until 10. I had about 30 minutes to kill, and since I was on the 4th floor of the JFSB, I decided to venture out onto the balcony that I never see anyone on. I loved it! It was so peaceful up there and so deliciously quiet. I sat at this cool picnic table in the sun, working on my homework and enjoying the sunny breeze and puffy clouds. Loved it. Things like that make life enjoyable. My stress level went down about 7 notches. Now I feel like I have a secret hideout. Not very many students know about it because it's on the level of professors' offices.

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Amy said...

wow. i'll have to try that whole balcony thing.