Monday, September 10, 2007


I love school right now! I have to admit that I became an English major because I didn't really know what else to do that was useful. (And yes, I think English is very useful. :P) One part of the English major is to take 9 credits in an emphasis of your choice. The only choice that was really interesting to me was editing. I liked the classes I took so much that I decided to become an editing minor, and I love it! I've never enjoyed school as much as I have this last week. I'm actually enjoying going to class. It's so stinkin' interesting to me. I'm in a copyediting class (editing grammar, punctuation, syntax, style continuity, etc.) and a substantive editing class. Substantive editing is what is interests me the most right now especially because I'm in a section focusing on fiction. We're talking about what defines a "classic" book and the defining points of certain genres. Love it.
Isaac, on the other hand, is trying to remember why he wanted to be a business major. He says it's hard or something :) It's going to be a very busy semester for the both of us.

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