Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Isagitarias Inc.

I work for a company called Agemni. Yep--kind of like the zodiac name, Gemini--but tweaked ever so slightly. My boss claims he just made up the name while having to wait in a long line once upon a time. Truth is... I don't know if I really give him credit for it. All he did was take an under-used word, add an insignificant prefix, and subtract an unessential middle letter. Companies who start to feel comfortable talking to our support team sometimes ask, "So your company's name is really Gemini? Does it stand for something, or is there a story behind it?" To which I briefly respond: "Yes. And no." Sometimes I just want to say, "1) You're an idiot. If you could read, you'd see it's been slightly altered to become Agemni. And 2) it's a stupid name, it's embarrassing, let's not talk about it." On a positive note, I do have head phones.
Anyway since the afternoons get pretty slow at the office, here are some of my favorite sites to peruse once I rollerblade into the sands of boredom. In no particular order:
http://www.dictionary.com/ (Again, back off.)


Anonymous said...

haha so you sit right behind me and I just told you I was leaving you a comment so this is no surprise,but I love the new colors of your blog! Good choice. Also, I think your little cartoon girl is hilarious because that is exactly what I feel like. Keep up the good blogging. I think you should have at least one post a day.

jlowe said...

ok - I actually like the dictionary.com one - helps me increase my vocabulary because my mind is turning to mush - today's word of the day - "tortuous" ...another word for the day "dork" jk