Monday, July 23, 2007


Isaac heard officially today that he made the "105" for football, meaning he is one of the 105 guys who are invited to go to Fall Camp and train for the football season. We had a bit of a scare for about a week after Isaac saw that his name was in debate for the group because his 2 surgeries from earlier on this year has kept him from practicing with the team until just 2 weeks ago. Congratulations, Isaac! Dad, you better make sure you've got your Saturday afternoons open because we've got some games to go to!! Here's Isaac's old profile page from last year. The coaches are debating whether to have him as a running back or as an inside receiver. He's moved in between the 2 positions since he's been on the team, so hopefully he'll be at one for good.

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Charlene said...

CONGRATS! That is really exciting!